Ubuntu 10.04 – ‘root’ username/password?

With the new Ubuntu installed up and running. I figured out there is something missing. As I was installing, I created a new user account. But I never configured anything related to the ‘root’ user account, neither do I see any mention of it even after the installation. Even if I wish to login as Others/root user, what is the default password?

Then here is something that I realized. The ‘root’ user, by default, is disabled in Ubuntu 10.04. For me it made sense, as its bad/dangerous to do anything from the ‘root’ user account. Also I could accomplish safely anything that a ‘root’ user can do using ‘sudo’. But still there is something more I found. We can always enable to ‘root’ user account by resetting the password for that account using the following command.

sudo passwd root

It would ask for the new password and from now on you will even be able to login as ‘root’.

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