My Bad! I lost my track. But I’m back again.

Its been sometime since I blogged anything. There are a series of reasons that I can think about why I couldn’t catch up with time. One major reason was I got caught up with and and had to understand the details of my new project(.Net) in my work place. Trust me, if you are working on Java and continuing doing that,You are very lucky. One of the very simple reasons I like Java better than .Net is, at least I don’t have to change my production code for making the methods ‘virtual’ in order to mock them while writing unit tests.  If somebody has a better way to mock objects in .Net, I’ll be ever grateful to them.

One of the immediate drawbacks of I not blogging is that I couldn’t keep track of things that I come across but wish to refer it back at times whenever needed. For instance, I will not be able to justify how useful my blogpost on Opengrok was when I had to totally re-image my Windows OS and wished to get back my Opengrok running. All that I need to do was come back to my blogpost and check out the steps. Eventually it proved very valuable even in my work as my new .Net project (with multiple solutions) desperately need one tool like opengrok to quickly look into the details of the any code under any solution. Infact my whole team appreciated me for pointing out a tool like OpenGrok which turned out to be of great help in preventing all those valuable times being wasted for waiting to see Visual Studio opens up our code/solution finally.

Anyways I am back and I have got tons of information to be shared from somethings like ‘Sunny 16 Rule‘ in Photography to the PWdHash tool that I came to know from Bob Lee‘s old blogpost.

BTW, did you guys notice that I have linked my flickr pics with my blogpost here at wordpress? Please feel free to hop in and give me your valuable feedback on the pictures I’d published from time to time.

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