Expression Language (EL)

As a J2EE developer, I have been using different expression languages while developing web applications. I have at least used two expression languages extensively through out my carrer.

1. OGNL – Object Graph Navigation Language

2. EL provided by various Java JSRs. I mean it, when I say EL provided by various Java JSRs. There is an EL specification available for JSP, one exclusive for JSF and finally a specification common for both the technologies called ‘Unified‘ Expression Language which would work with both JSP and JSF technologies.

According to Java Specification, “an expression language is defined as a language that makes it easy for page authors to access and manipulate application data without having to master the complexity associated with programming languages such as Java and JavaScript“.

In general both above mentioned languages provides a shorthand way to look up for values in JavaBeans, Map, List or in an Array.

This small blog that I intent to write and update frequently is for not comparing different EL’s available and discuss on their ifs and buts. But it is mainly focused on to understand more in detail of how and when these EL’s can be used to make our life easier when developing an web application.

Soon you might see more further categories under this blog (at least two – OGNL and EL) to focus more on specific expression languages.

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