Add artwork to your songs or albums in your ipod

Those of us who don’t have a chance to have an account in iTunes find it difficult to add artwork to the albums or songs that we imported as mp3’s from the CDs. Album artwork gives a fresh and better look for the songs that we play in ipod. There is a simple way to add artwork to the songs that we did not purchase from iTunes.

In order to get the artwork for all the songs for a given album, the following simple steps need to be followed:

  • Connect the ipod through USB cable and open the ipod preferences from iTunes.
  • In the Music tab of the preferences make sure you the flag for display artwork is checked.
  • Now go to some site like amazon or walmart and search with the album name for which you need the artwork.
  • Once you find the result with the album name mentioned, click the link to go to that page.
  • Usually amazon shows the album’s artwork on the left. Click the ‘See larger image’ link.
  • A popup would show the enlarged image of the artwork. Save it to your hardisk in some location.
  • Now go back to iTunes and select the song(s) for which you need the artwork and right click to select the option, ‘Get Info’
  • In the ‘Get Info’ popup take double click on the artwork section.
  • A file chooser would popup. Select the artwork that you have saved in the hard disk.
  • Now you have got the album artwork added to your favorite songs.
  • Just update them in your ipod as well.
  • Now you should be able to see the artwork in the ipod as well while playing the songs.

Even though the same tip has been given in some places on the internet I wish to have the steps in my blog as well.

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