Run Remote Solaris machine GUI on your Windows using Cygwin

Running the Remote machine GUI using CygWin

This is one easiest way to access the remote machine’s GUI like solaris,AIX from our local machine.
* To make this possible, make sure that Cygwin with X11R6 package is installed in your windows machine.
* Generally X11R6 package will be installed under, C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6(Assuming Cygwin is installed directly under c:\)
* Goto C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin and execute ‘startxwin.bat’ file.
* In X-window will be opened with a new session started.
* In the prompt type ‘xhost +’ and press enter.
* Now login into the remote machine whose GUI is supposed to shown in your local windows machine.
* Type ‘export DISPLAY=’. The IP address ‘’ should be substituted with your local windows machine IP address.
* Then start the GUI application in the remote machine.
* Get back to your local machine and use should see the remote GUI showing up on the windows machine.
* Now you can work on the remote machine application right from the local windows machine itself.

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