An Appreciation from my Managing Director (Dare to Aim High)

‘I am very proud of your achievements and contributions at our company over the past few years. I have seen you grow steadily to become a valuable team member. With your sincerity and hard work I am confident that you will achieve great things in your life. Keep up the great work.’ – CEO

‘Venky(name modified) has been with us since 2003 and has made outstanding contributions to many different parts of our product including Alerts, Geofences, XMS, NAP Scheduler, XDS V2.0 to list a few of them. I really appreciate Venky’s “can do” attitude and his zeal to build “better products” and look for better ways of doing things. This coupled with his penchant for learning new things and proactive attitude makes him very special.‘ – MD

The above were said by the CEO & MD of my company as I have been promoted to Senior Software Engineer. Its all because of the help and support given by my collegues, parents and friends that I could reach upto this level. I wish to blog this moment and say thanks to each and everyone of them individually who contributed something or the other for the upliftment of my career. Thanks to my CEO & MD who took thier valuable time to appreciate me and my work throughout the years in the company.

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