Make WindowsXP Boot faster

Here is a simple tweak to make WindowsXP boot faster.

Step-1: Open the boot.ini file(should be under the windows installation folder)
Step-2: Add “/noguiboot” just next to “/fastdetect”.
Step-3: Restart the system.

This will prevent loading the windows flickering screen that loads intially while booting and obviously the booting will be much faster.
One Disadvantage of this is if there is any error while booting you wont be able to figure it out.
But anytime you can revert back the boot.ini if you feel there’s any problem. And Windows will come to normal.

Here is an another tweak to make WindowsXP boot faster.

In WindowsXP, normally whenever you run an application the information about the application run etc., is stored in a file under ‘Prefetch’. And this file keeps on growing and brings down the speed of Windows.
To get rid of it, In ‘Run’ type ‘prefetch’. Windows Explorer will open with the prefetch folder contents. Select all and delete them.
Next time windows will be much faster.

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