Tips & Tricks: Enabling AutoComplete in Command Prompt

This is an another tweak which I wanted to share with you and found it useful.
Like in Unix Bash shell, we can actually enable the Auto Complete in the command prompt for windows as well.
After the following small change in registry settings, we will be able to goto the command prompt and give cd and give first letter of the file and press [tab] the prompt will find you the nearest matching file/folder and will auto complete for you.

Here is the way to achieve it.

1) Goto ‘Run’ from the start menu.

2) Type ‘regedit'(without quotes) to open the registry.

3) In the registry, goto, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Command Processor

4) On the right pane, double click, ‘CompletionChar’

5) Change the DWORD value to ‘9’(without quotes).

6) Press OK and close the regedit

7) Now open a new command prompt window and type cd ‘first_letter_of_file/folder’ and press [tab].

8) You’ll see the command prompt displays the nearest matching file/folder auto completed.

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