Tips & Tricks: Disallowing any one to change your Desktop Properties

Most of the times we might be sharing the same computer with others (espicially in home).
You would have set some Desktop settings and the other person might have changed it after some time which you just don’t wanted him to do.

Here’s a secret by which you can easily disallow anyone from changing any of the Desktop Settings.

1) Goto Start–>Search–>For Files and Folders.

2) Search for the file named desk.cpl under c:\winnt

3) Normally this file will be located under c:\winnt\system32

4) Cut this file and paste it some where else other than the current location.

5)You are all set. Just goto the desktop and right click to reach the properties menu.

6) You will find that nothing happens even if properties is clicked.

7) Even if the other person goes to Control Panel he won’t be seeing the Display option there.

8) Anytime you want any change in Desktop properties, just restore the file into original location (c:\winnt\system32) and now you can only edit it.

Courtesy: Thanks to my brother, who actually forced me to find some tweak for disabling the Desktop Properties.

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