Tips & Tricks : How can I easily take a print out of list of files in a directory?

Here’s a way to save the list files in a folder and print it out from a word document.I hope this feature could be pretty useful sometimes.

To add this option to the default right click context menu in the Windows Explorer.Here’s the way to do that:
1) Open a new file in your notepad.

2) Type in the following command ‘dir /a/-p/o:gen>files_list.doc’

3) Save the file as ‘fileListing.bat’ under c:\winnt

4) Goto Windows Explorer

5) In explorer, open Tools, Folder Options.

6) Select the File Types tab.

7) Press f to scroll to the Folders section.

8) Select the entry labeled Folder

9) For Windows 2000/XP: Press Advanced button.

10) Select New

11) In the action block type “Create File Listing” without the quotes.

12) In the app block click on Browse and select “fileListing.bat” from c:\winnt.

13) Save and exit Folder Options.

14) Open explorer and right click on a folder, select ‘Create File Listing’ .

15) Now the dir list will be generated and stored and the same folder with name ‘files_list.doc’

16) Now you can open the file in MS Word and can do necessary formatting an take a quicker print out.

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