Microsoft Office 2000 – Easter Eggs

Access 97 or 2000

1. Open Access 2000.

2. Create a new database, or open an existing one.

3. Create a new Macro.

4. Without entering any commands, save the macro as “Magic Eight Ball” (no quotes, not case sensitive).

5. Close the macro.

6. Drag the macro you just created up to the toolbar. It will create an Icon that looks like a magic eight ball.

7. Ask yourself a question and click on it!

Excel 2000
1. Open Excel 2000.

2. Select Save as Web Page from the File menu.

3. Select Save Selection:Sheet and Add Interactivity.

4. Save the .htm file.

5. Load the .htm page with IE. You should have Excel in the middle of the page.

6. Scroll to row 2000, column WC. Select row 2000, and tab so WC is the active column.

7. Press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and click the Office logo in the upper-left.

8. If you have DirectX, you will be taken to an arcade-style racing game. Use the arrow keys to drive, space to fire, O to drop oil slicks, and, when it gets dark, H for headlights. Go ahead, indulge that road rage!

FrontPage 97, 98, or 2000
1. Open FrontPage (in FrontPage 98 or 97, open FrontPage Explorer).

2. Press and hold Shift.

3. Select About Microsoft FrontPage from the Help menu 3 times. Click OK the first 2 times.

4. See the people who brought you FrontPage.

Outlook 2000
1. Open Outlook 2000.

2. Type “Ren Hoek” (no quotes) in the Find a Contact box on the toolbar and press Enter. Outlook will say that it cannot find the requested contact.

3. Select Macro from the Tools menu, then Macros from the submenu.

4. In the Macro Name: box, type “OL2KRocks” (no quotes).

5. Click Create.

6. The About Microsoft Outlook dialog box appears.

7. Press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and click OK.

8. The Outlook 2000 team credits appear, along with a game. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to catch the names in the mailbox.

PowerPoint 2000
1. Open PowerPoint 2000.

2. Select About Microsoft PowerPoint from the Help menu.

3. Press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and double-click the PowerPoint logo.

4. See the people who brought you PowerPoint 2000.

Word 2000
1. Open Word 2000.

2. Press F1 or click the Microsoft Word Help toolbar button.

3. Type “Cast” (no quotes) under What would you like to do?

4. Click Search.

5. Click the Microsoft Office 2000 User Assistance Staff topic.

6. Click the graphic in the Microsoft Word Help screen.

See the people who brought you Word help.

Word 2000
1. Open Word2000.

2. Select About Microsoft Word from the Help menu.

3. Press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and click the horizontal line at the bottom of the dialog box.

4. The Microsoft Word 2000 logo appears. Left-click it to close it.

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