Victim of Piracy – 2

Today for me the day went smooth even then I have been assigned with lot of works for this whole month. I found some time to go out and buy a DVD Player which I was planning to have one for a long time. Even though my dad was not convinced of spending money on DVD Player, I finally decided to go for one and at last thought of convincing him too. It was around 7 in the evening that we (with one of my collegue) entered a big show room and looking for a branded DVD Player. So we were looking at various brands of DVD Players available in the market. By that time a person working in the show room came forward to direct us to buy a better one. He showed a branded company DVD Player and he started convincing us in all the ways possible to go for that. I was surprised the way he was convincing his customers. He told us that we can play VCDs, ACDs, MP3s, DVDs with that product and he started telling us that it will even work fine with scratched CDs and we can very well play Pirated ones also. I was stunned on hearing this. I was surprised to see whether piracy has become so integral part of our life that we have even forget to think that its illegal in practice.

In my last message, I said I became the victim of piracy. May be I am wrong, now I go to an another level and say we all became the victim of piracy. Its all ends in one point, some people like me, realise the downfalls and most of them dont.

Ya forgot to mention, At last I bought my DVD player finally. But ofcourse in a different show room.

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