Victim of Piracy

It had been a very hectic day and I was returning to my room at about 9:45 PM from my office. My mind was completely blocked and I desperately needed some kind of relaxation. At 10:00 at night, what kind of relaxation could I expect. My roomate is very punctual in sleeping very early and hence I am very well aware about the fact that, I’ll not be able to talk to him as well. I also know I wont be able to sleep very soon, as I am used to go to sleep about 12:00 in the night everyday.

So I decided to go to a video library near my room and fetch some new movie to watch and I hoped that could give the kind of relaxation what I needed. When I reached the parlor, the guy was about to close the shop and I was forced to pick a movie very fast before he closes. With not much choices left, I decided to take a tamil movie which was recently released. The one kept right on the table, which was returned by one of his customers just few minutes back. The movie doesn’t cast big heros, but all that I wished for the print should be resonably good to watch it till the end of the movie. I made sure from the owner that the print is good as well as the sound quality. He assured me that the print was really good and I can take it with confidence.

By the time I reached my room, It was already 10:15 PM and after refreshing myself I came and sat before my PC at 10:45PM. So I begin watching the movie. The CD had all the traits of what a typical pirated VCD would have, I could see people moving around and I could hear the conversation sometimes along with the movie dialogs. But It doesnt stopped me from watching the movie. The movie was not good at all(as usual typical tamil movie). But I desperatly needed some entertainment. Finally it was around 12:30PM that even the second VCD was about to get over, I was desperately waiting for the moment when the normal tamil hero kills the villan and the movie ends. But to my despair, the CDs doesnt had the climax at all. It was something like adding fuel to the fire. I didnt know what to do. I was so embarassed, I swear if the video parlor guy was there at that moment I thought of belting him badly. But I was helpless and It was already 12:45 PM and the only way to drain my anger was to drink a litre of water and have a ciggeratte and get back to bed.

We watch all sorts of advertisements to stop piracy. Sometimes we talk about them as well shamelessly but still allowing piracy from our back doors. But this incident really taught me a lesson and gave a valid reason, why should I avoid piracy.

Finally I also became the Victim of Piracy.

Hope u guys got some message from my boring story. If else, here’s the message,STOP PIRACY.

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