Checkstyle Ant Task: Run checkstyle only on modified files

Hey Guys, I sincerely apologize for causing this inconvenience. This article has been moved the following location: As I was nearing my 100th blog, I thought its good time for me to move all my blog posts to my own space. Hope you guys can bare with me and wish me good luck. 🙂 […]

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Small Stuffs I learned today: For Android, Eclipse, Unix Shell Copy, SVN Revert

In last couple of days on my day today work, I got an opportunity to know about these simple tips or solution, which I thought would share in my blog post. Android: android update sdk in headless mode I was actually setting up hudson to run the android emulator so that we could test and […]

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Book That I am reading now: Coders at Work by Peter Seibel
Coders at Work by Peter Seibel